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Support:Mikrotik RouterOS - Hotspot & Ubiquiti Network - Unifi Controller
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Free SMS

hotspot can only be accessed by customers with a valid mobile number. Numbers can be used to track people or an advertising



you can give a member account or unique temporary code to your customer which limits the usage as needed.

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Social Platform

Connect your business directly with social platform. anonymous guests become real people.Support Wechat Facebook

Project cases



Hotel WiFi solution helps you improve your WiFi and guest satisfaction. Create a free or paid Hotel Internet access, integrate with Hotel PMS software to automate guest login with room and name


Coffee Shops

Coffee Shops have become synonymous with Wi-Fi. More specifically, free Wi-Fi. It is almost to the point where having WiFi isn’t enough, the deciding factor is the quality of the Wi-Fi.


Shopping center

One of the most effective tools that is underused right now by Shopping Centers is Wi-Fi,Shopping Centers can benefit immensely from a powerful Guest Wi-Fi network solution.



In the restaurants world, guest Wi-Fi netowrk is commonplace. But, more often than not, it is simply a Guest Wi-Fi network attached to the restaurants own Wi-Fi for customers.